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Mezzaluna in downtown Fargo is North Dakota’s best restaurant, according to a new MSN list naming the top place to eat in each state.

MSN based the new list on previous articles from Business Insider and The Daily Meal, and also factored in James Beard award nominations, expert reviews and local recommendations.

The new write-up, posted to MSN, praises Mezzaluna for its ability to combine “the glamour of an upscale restaurant with the coziness of a small town.”



Taylor Snelling

Taylor was raised in Litchfield, Minnesota and graduated in 2010. He moved to Fargo/Moorhead and was first introduced to the restaurant industry as a student at Minnesota State University, Moorhead, where he worked in numerous restaurants and bars. During this time, Taylor learned his passion was the front-of-house and the importance of making guests feel at home.


Taylor’s enthusiasm for the hospitality industry eventually landed him a job behind the infamous horseshoe bar at Mezzaluna, where he transitioned from a host to a server and bartender. While perfecting his craft of creating beautiful cocktails and sharpening his wine knowledge, Taylor was soon promoted to bar manager and went on to accept the General Manager role. Now as the restaurant owner, he has developed a true desire of taking care of people. Taylor thoroughly enjoys establishing meaningful relationships with guests, while bringing a superior level of service to Fargo’s finest dining experience, Mezzaluna.

Joseph Brunner
Owner/Executive Chef

Joe grew up in Fargo, and graduated from Fargo South in 2013. He got his start in the industry working in a Mexican restaurant during high school. It was this experience that helped him find his love of cooking.


Joe also studied at NDSU in the Criminal Justice program before realizing that cooking was his true passion. Shortly after, he enrolled in the culinary program at NDSCS in Wahpeton. During culinary school, Joe worked as an intern at Mezzaluna and Rustica. His work at both restaurants allowed him to learn each of the important roles in the restaurant industry. When he graduated from culinary school in 2017, he continued to work between the two restaurants. He quickly became the sous chef at Mezzaluna, and a year later when the opportunity came from him to become an owner of the restaurant, he and Taylor purchased the restaurant from the previous owners.


Joe enjoys changing the menus seasonally, making the most of what’s available to cultivate a menu inspired by our region. Our menu also reflects Joe’s culinary journey through food. He also enjoys learning new techniques and perfecting older ones while sharing his passion for food through our menu.